Live on the Island


Local Analysis

The main purpose of project Live on the island is to improve the skills and competence of youth workers, social and environmental operators, operating in the particular contexts of the islands and improve the quality of their work connected with the sustainability of the reference territories, projects and initiatives on the islands and increase the impact of the actions of the organizations involved. The project aims to improve the skills of partner organizations, their staff and youth and environmental operators active on the islands and in particular: will strengthen the general knowledge and theoretical and practical skills of operators on environmental and sustainable development issues; provide them with study bases to understand the specific context of the island and its weaknesses; will indicate environmental monitoring strategies aimed at understanding the transformations of the territory and the critical issues; will experiment with non-formal education methodologies useful for involving young people; will increase the capacity of organizations to carry out actions and initiatives, the quality of the proposed activities, the impact on the territory and on the community, in the direction of greater sensitivity, information and aware behavior; will identify practical tools to be applied in individual contexts in order to act autonomously and to be able to direct local policies towards environmental protection issues; increase the capacity of organizations to collaborate with partners on an intercontinental level with reference to common theories and practices. 

Researsh Face

Research phase (between the first and second Training) – in each country, youth workers will conduct local research on environmental, sustainable development,

scientific issues, target groups, and good practices and activities to meet these issues. This phase will be supported remotely by trainers, experts, and local


 In parallel, the first part of the practical phase of the youth workers will also be held, involving at least 100 people per country.

Practice Phase

Local practical phase (after the second training) – in each country the youth workers will act as multipliers and carry out local initiatives and activities for at least 200 youth and locals.

In each country, there will be a phase of local actions in which the multipliers will implement activities, events, workshops, meetings and seminars for at least 200 people in their

 reference area. In this sense, they will establish links with the local community and use the information previously gathered in their research.

Dissemination activities

Developing the dissemination products

– the creation of a site / platform that can act as a network of organizations active on the islands and a youth observatory, exchange of information, articles and exchange of good practices; we would like that the site will be active even after the conclusion of the project with the possibility of expanding the network with other organizations active on the islands;

– the creation of a publication containing relevant information regarding the issues addressed, good practices, new activities and results of the research carried out during

the project; information that will be usable in the geographic contexts involved but not only.

– PR activities (applicant and partners) – writing articles for the press, websites (of applicant and partners and as well of online media groups) and various newsletters;

involving the media in promoting the trainings and practice phase actions, attracting the attention of international media groups that will be interested to promote this project;