Live on the Island



Evaluation of the training courses – evaluation forms, reflection groups reports,

observation sheets from the process, the quality of action plans and tools developed, project team meetings and feedback sessions, etc.

– Mid-term evaluation – (everybody) at the middle of the project a Skype Conference and an evaluation form will be used in order to asses if the project is going on the good

path; what is the status of each partner in terms of the planned actions, what are the difficulties they are facing, what changes must be made in order to reach the objectives of

the project on time and efficiently;

– Evaluation of the local activities – each country will use various tools in this sense:

evaluation forms, self-assessment grids, interviews with the beneficiaries, project team

evaluation, etc. – which will be provided to the coordinator in order to assess the impact of the practice phase;

– Evaluation meeting in Pemba, Tanzania – organized by Community Forests Pemba together with all partners – with the aim of: bringing together all the project coordinators

and some of the youth workers; analyse the whole process from various perspectives;

evaluate the results obtained from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view; evaluate the efficiency of communication, what went well and what went wrong, what could have been improved; what are the next steps and future plans to continue the partnership. 

The kick-off meeting, it will be dedicated to study visits and interaction with experts.