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Training courses

Training courses

1st Training Course- Croatia

1st Training Course -Kroatia

Mobility for Youth Workers (Training Course / Study Visit) – with the main purpose of improving the skills and knowledge of the participants.

– the first Training will be held in Croatia – organized by Udruga Prizma (Croatia) together with all partners.

– the second Training will be held in Capo Verde- organized by Udruga Prizma together with all partners.

During the trainings, on the major issues related to environmental study, we will come to share knowledge on: – the soil – as a determining element whose characteristics can be modified according to cultural techniques (agriculture, forestation, impoverishment, erosion, atmospheric agents, etc.); – water – types of treatments, controls, etc. – energy – biomass and photovoltaics;- air –  reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; soil practices (including reforestation, permaculture), water and energy.

In addition, issues such as biodiversity, waste management, pollution of the islands, water conservation, particular environments of the islands, food safety and nutrition, oceans and seas, renewable energy, ecological and micro waste management will be encountered at various times. , traditional knowledge, environmental innovations, etc.

During the period, study visits, meetings with organizations, local realities of interest and workshops with local experts will be held.

2nd Training Course -Capo Verde

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