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MOOC for youth workers: development and design

  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is targeted at those who work with and for young people. The main target groups are youth workers, policymakers professionals working either in Municipalities or in Youth Associations and Sport Clubs for young people and formal and informal educators-facilitators.
  • The MOOC we have built up with text, and illustrations (video, pictures, and stories) based on the experiences and the activities of the LOTI project, in the International meetings we participated in Veli IZ, -CROATIA, Sao Adao- CABO VERDE, Pemba TANZANIA, good practices and guidelines for climate change and the challenges we have to prevent the effects in our islands.
  • Testimonials and Cases of the participating (associated) partners in the project and assignments.
  • As the MOOC is in English it will be easy to use in the different countries involved and it will be translated into Italian, Portuguese, Swahili, Croatian, French, Papuan New Guinean and Greek.

ENSEL NETWORK-Dissemination of LOTI project

  • Based on the work of all project partners and the information gathered, we developed an online Database of Good Practices around Youth work for Climate change, which will be shared worldwide and actively within the ENSEL network.
  • We will have to share the E-course for students- Youth workers and the MOOC for all the stakeholders in our countries
  • The Web page has the links for the E-courses and the MOOCs in different languages for potential participants
  • We share the Guidelines recommendations –good practices –and educational tools for youth working in Climate change.



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